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Fast FLing Coin Trick!

Fast Fling Coin TrickProve that the hand is quicker than the eye with this clever charade that will have you flinging a coin at the speed of light.

To begin, find two hands (yours), two eyes (your kid's), and four dimes (anyone's).Fast Fling Coin Trick Have your child place one dime in each of your palms. Close your fists, and ask your child to place a dime on the fingertips of each of your hands. Hold your fists over a table. Explain that you are going to fling a dime from one hand to the other. Bet your child that she will not be able to see you do it.

Fast Fling Coin TrickTurn your hands towards each other quickly, letting two dimes fall to the table. Pretend as though you have messed up. Fast Fling Coin TrickYour child will believe you have dropped the two coins that were sitting atop your fingertips. Your child will be wrong.

Fast Fling Coin TrickLet's look at the Fast Fling in slow motion to see what really happened. As you turned your right wrist, you let the dime on your right fingertips slip into your palm. Fast Fling Coin TrickAs you turned your left wrist, you let both coins fall to the table. The movement of your fingers was so fast that your child was unable to tell.

Fast Fling Coin TrickShake your head at your failed attempt, then ask your child to take the dimes from the table and place them back on your fingertips. When she does, turn your hands quickly again. Fast Fling Coin TrickLet both dimes slip from the fingertips into the same palms. Turn the hands back over and open your fingers. You'll have three dimes in your right hand and only one in the left. And your child never saw you do it!

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